Precious Metals

Sterling Silver

All Twisted Herbz products are crafted from solid Sterling Silver and are hallmarked in the UK.

White Rhodium

Rhodium plating gives a bright, silvery white finish. Rhodium is the world’s most expensive precious metal. What is White Rhodium? White Rhodium is one of the world’s most expense precious metal and is used extensively on plating metals such as silver and gold. White Rhodium is silver in its colour, and is often described as a white hard metal. This makes it ideal for plating onto silver, it does not tarnish as much as silver, as well as protecting the silver due to it hardness.

Black Ruthenium

Ruthenium plating gives a beautiful gun-metal black finish. Ruthenium is a rare precious metal. What is Black Ruthenium? Our pure silver is plated with black ruthenium, which is part of the precious platinum metal family. Ruthenium is an extremely hard, highly resistant to scratches as well as being aesthetically pleasing due to its shine. It is also rare and more expensive than a lot other metals.


Gold plating gives the classic golden finish that is so highly sort after. We take a layer of gold and place onto our Sterling Silver ranges.